4 Thinks All SEOs Must Know Before Configuring Robots.txt file

Its something most of the SEOs doing while building links without knowing the fact behind, read below the 4 scenarios which will give you the clear ideas and help you to build quality links to the relevant page.

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  1. Internal links that point to the page you have in robots.txt set to disallow
  2. Internal links pointing to the page on the site with particular Meta robots noindex
  3. Inbound links that are present in the robots.txt and area set to disallow
  4. Inbound links pointing to the page on the website will Meta robots noindex


  1. Internal links that are pointing to the page where you have in robots.txt set to disallow

Creating some links to the page, which indicates the search engines not to crawl likely will not harm or offer any benefit for the website massively. However, it may create a conflicting signal that can harm the website in the long run.

Imagine, your manager asks you to walk a long way along with the IKEA though there is a direct way.

The result will be the same but will be annoyed as it is possible to have the results in the simplified process.  This same thing, you do with Google as well.

Robots.txt will recommend the search engine about the vital sections that find the right path to discover them.

In case the file guides ignore or disallow it, it is the indication where the pages inside the folder are not critical, and so it will not be focused. However, it is possible to index them.

These internal links also describe the search engine about the most important topics in those pages.

On having such links pointing to the page that is disallowed, it is possible to have such conflicting. This is also not an advisable practice for SEO.


Check here if you do not know how to use Robots.txt file to implement noindex


  1. Inbound links that you will have in robots.txt and that are set to disallow

Links from some other site are not possible to control technically. They are supposed to be given to some people like community members, journalists, bloggers, or any other people who may feel that your website or of the page on the website is credible.

know how to build shareable quality links

This is because they are actually not controllable and they have inbound links that are pointing to a disallowed page and could still make more benefits out of it. Here, you are giving the conflicting signal or not anyone else is feeling it is credible.

You have to find the reason for the people to link to the point to this page and allow crawling of it despite finding certain high-quality links. By having the natural and good quality link that points to the page, it helps in building the authority of the page.

Now, you can pass the authority with the internal links and here most pages are applicable. It is also an important area where you get benefited from the SEO factors.


  1. Internal links pointing the particular page on the site along with the Meta robots No-index

Actually, you do not need to do it. Meta robots that usually have “noindex” on it will say that the page should not be indexed, which means that the like is low in quality.

We are offering it with some internal links, it is have the conflict signal. It also says that the page was the important one to know that you also said it was a less important page through the Meta robots.

Usually, these conflicting signals are not good for SEO purposes. If there is worth building the page with some internal link, you may need to consider changing the Meta robots with the index. Else, create a better resource and build the internal link to that specific page.


  1. Inbound links pointing to the page on the website along with the Meta Robots No-index

For this case, the answer will be similar to the previous case. If the people are legitimate to this page, there are no such values in this case.

You have to consider indexing it and use it to pass the authority to any other pages on the website.

People will generally look for the link to the page where there is a high value for their referral to take advantage of it.

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