9 AdWords extensions for the eCommerce industry

The success and failure of the Adwords campaign will be based on various factors like as SEO and one of the most important ones are the AdWords extensions. These have different purposes where some are used to add the reviews and some might be for adding discounts. These extensions are probably an important reason for the sponsored look different from one another. If you have done already, there are lots of benefits available from them. Continue reading to find the top 9 AdWords extensions of the eCommerce industry.

  1. Sitelink extension

These are the additional links visible only under the primary result links. These links will go to different pages on the website, menu, blog, pages with popular offers and pricing pages. Not only allowing working with the home or landing page, but it will also help you to choose from more options.

These links are handy as a person searches for your brand name on the search engine. These links will also help you to navigate to different websites available in the search engine result pages. This is because the audience will look for the brand name and this site link can facilitate quickly. When your digital marketing service provider adds these site link extensions in your AdWord advertisements, it will bring you some better results.



  1. Call extension

If you involve in some customer support or sales through phone or local food business, these links will help you highly. When using these extensions, it will be more approachable for the audience as just it enough to call to the service provider.Importantly, it is the factor to build trust and generate more leads through it. On using this extension, the number will be automatically displayed on the site and so, your audience doesn't need to search for your numbers.



  1. App extension

If you are using the app for business purposes, it is necessary to use the app extension because it is easy to browse on the app when compared to the mobile website. Native applications will function more smoothly in any device. Further, the mobile websites will sometime find to be tricky when you need to navigate to some native applications and this comparatively easier. This will increase the chance of engagement and conversions will alleviate its use. If these have to be handled by the experts, you should ensure to seek help from the digital marketing service provider who will use the app extensions for various purposes.



  1. Review extensions

In the marketing industry, reviews are the most powerful tools. It is found that more than 60% of the customers will look for online reviews before paying for the products or services. Using the review extension will add the short testimonial to your advertisements. Thus, these extensions are the best tool to leverage the power of social proof even before the people click on the website. Further, these extensions are used to get more clicks, leads, traffics and conversions.



  1. Callout extensions

The callout actions will say a verity of different things for the customers and so this becomes the most important extension. It helps in describing the products completely. So, the audience checks for it before buying especially in some special deals or callout your targeted audience. These have been effective and used by infomercials and QVC’s for so many years. When it comes to digital marketing, you can leverage the power of the callouts to grow in your business.



  1. Structured snippets extension

This is the extension used to tell your audience about what you sell. Sometimes, people will not know or get clear about what you sell. Using the snippets, it will help you to search for several kinds of service or products that are available with you.



  1. Local extension

This is the best way through which the legitimacy of your business goes a long way to earn trust from your audience. This will help you to obtain some fair results. This will help the people because the people will be comfortable to deal with your business. Also, it is necessary for business owners when they need to be at the top of the local business. It helps in increasing the trust and you will also come across the authentic and real one.



  1. Offer extension

Offers are something that will help people to get excited. Today, lots of online sites get enough conversion with the help of offers. The conversion and discount can leverage this attitude of the internet as these discounts will be visible in the AdWords advertisements.

Most of the people who set their products in the shopping cart try to shop for them when there are discounts for the products. Make sure your digital marketing agency for small business focus on the AdWords campaign and use the extension to make more out of it.



  1. Social extension

In this digital age, social media plays a huge role. This power of social media can be used in AdWords advertisements with the help of social extensions. Now, it is possible to convert the Google+ account through the extension. If the number of followers increases, you can add the extension as it will entice the people to click on your ad.



Final thoughts

AdWords campaign will be more predictable. Sometimes, it will help in more lead generation and other times, it will be worst. These extensions will help in developing the use of digital marketing with a have good conversion rate.


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