BERT – Google’s new search algorithm update after Rank Brain

Here is the big news/change/update for all Digital marketers and SEO Analysts to aware of how Google is going to rank your site hereafter.

BERT! What is this!

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

BERT is Google’s New Search Algorithm Update and It is the Neural network-based technique for Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Here before we have been slicked with the old and previous search algorithm called RankBrain which might give us insights to how should we work in order to get high rank in Google with the most relevant content.

BERT is just more than RankBrain and similar to Normal conversation we can expect from a human.

When It is coming

Already BERT started to spread out through Google, we may expect the real impact ASAP.  As of now It is applicable only for English language queries and expects the expansion to other languages in the future.

Improving Search in more languages

BERT tends to make the Search better for people across the globe. A powerful matter of these systems is that they can grasp the learnings from one language and apply them to other languages for better results.

The Impact on Featured Snippets

For featured snippets, BERT model is very useful to improve featured snippets in very effective way. Now the feature is available in two dozen countries where this feature is available, and seeing significant enhancements in terms of SERP in languages like Korean, Hindi, and Portuguese.

Uniqueness of BERT

As I said earlier the uniqueness of BERT is, It can understand the search term as a human does. It can recognize the nuances and context of search terms/keywords and get back us with the answer which is similar to a human’s answer.

Google said, with a search for “2019 brazil traveler to USA need a visa,” the word “to” and its relationship to the other words in query are important for understanding the meaning.

Find examples here

BERT Update
BERT Update

BERT works with RankBrain

RankBrain is the first AI(artificial intelligence)method for understanding queries introduced in 2015. It understands both queries and the website content in Google’s index to show better and relevant results.

It just understands what the meanings of the words/search terms are. Still, BERT does not wipe out RankBrain, it is an added or extra method for the better understanding content and queries. It’s additive to Google’s ranking system. For some queries. Google must go for RankBrain But when Google thinks a query can be better understood with the help of BERT, Google will use that. In fact, a single query can use multiple methods, including BERT, for understanding queries.


How It works

Google explained that there are a lot of ways that it can understand what the language in your query means and how it relates to the content on the web. For example, if you misspell something, Google’s spelling systems can help find the right word to get you what you need. And/or if you use a word that’s a synonym for the actual word that it’s in relevant documents, Google can match those. BERT is just another signal or technique Google uses to understands language. Depending on what you search for, any one or combination of these signals could be more used to understand your query and provide a relevant result.

Final thought

No big deal BERT is another search algorithm update after 5 years since RankBrain introduced. Unlike RankBrin Bert is used to recognize the context of the search term and the webpage for the better result we are expecting Indeed.

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