A simple guide to learn the better guest blogging for SEO

better guest blogging for SEO

If you are looking to launch a blog now, it means that you are getting into the highly competitive search engine landscape.

If you are not concentrating on the blogs, it is also the place where you are losing your importance on the search engine.

It is the olden days where you can top in the search engine results just by plopping 500 words or by some of the shady backlink directory.

You need to play a wise game for achieving here. Continue reading to know how to make out the best guest blogging.

What is Guest blogging

A guest blog is a process where the owner of one site will write the blog post for the other site.

These types of blogs are written for their niche and for the benefits of increased Backlinks and some referral traffic.


How to make out the best guest blog

Understand your value first

Before you get into it you need to understand the central theme. Remember that you need to provide the value and you do not get into it by the aim of SEO. Also, do not just only think about the profit that you will yield out of it. Know about the benefit that you will get from it.

  • Know where these will match with the interest of the audience
  • Is the blog currently require more content to fill their editorial calendar
  • Are you well worsen on the topic and you could cover the best in them
  • Can your writing style match with the style of the requirements of your audience
  • Understand how you can present the blogs that will be attracted by the readers. The best blogs with the right information will reach out to the people efficiently.


Know to whom are you writing

Only when you know the value of the blog and to who are you are writing, you can provide the best outreach for the blog. You can achieve them by simple questions like the website, names, email address, status and notes. You can have a periodic check on plugging-in the URL. You can aim for the blogs with some Domain Authority of more than 50.

You can also check where your blogs are hosted and about their main domain and sub domain. Sometimes, the domain will also not provide the Backlinks to strengthen the root domain.

If you are choosing the higher domain Authority you will have more impact to receive the Backlinks. Further, there will also be a number of visitors to view your blog posts.

In the beginning, you can avoid the site that asks you for the full draft submission of the contact form. This will consume more time to fill and submit the response. You can focus on the site where you can simply pitch the topics or the outlines easily.

Choose the right one for the blogging opportunities

Unless you have the right person to contact, you cannot have a successful blog. You can even start your search through the social media lie LinkedIn.

When you open the profile, you will find some designation like the content manager, blog manager, SEO manager, Editor and or content. You can simply get in touch with them for further move.

Even Facebook is also the better option because there are companies that have the Facebook company profile and the details will be found in them. If the company responds to you quickly for your message, it will be more efficient for proceeding with it.


Start your guest blogging email outreach

When you are successful with the above process, you can start writing your blogs. There is a different cold email and you can choose the most suitable one for you.

This email outreach will become easier over time with some of the sample contents. If you do not have some samples, you can also look for the blogs in your draft to publish.

If you are getting some responsibility for your blogs, it is a great moment and congratulations! The next step will be pitching your ideas on different topics. Sometimes you might have some guidelines but it is better to avoid relying on them as you can create your own blog.

Final thoughts

Guest blogging is one of the most efficient ways when you need to grow the traffic on your website. When you write some high-quality guest blog posts for the other websites, you can gain more valuable inbound links where your Domain Authority will be increased and gain more visitors to have more exposure for the contents.

This will further help in building a relationship with your audience, which is necessary for a successful business.

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