Covid-19 Transforms The Google My Business Guidance For Healthcare Providers

Google My Business Covid 19 healthcare Tips For Healthcare

Today, the most threatening factors for the entire world are the Covid-19 virus. The Government and the medical industry are in need of certain help for tackling the issue and to save people.

As the effects of the virus are growing high on one side, the medial industry is fighting to save people on the other side.

Technology will never fail to show its presence and it is not possible to kill the killing virus without the help of the technology.

A new document: A simple step to save people

As a helping hand, Google published a new document that is designed to help the healthcare providers, which can be started with Google My Business.

It cannot be expressed in words how important it is for healthcare providers to have an online presence and this will help the needy to find the people easily.

This new document is written specifically for healthcare providers such as therapists, doctors, and other medical practitioners.

All these people in the medical industry can use it through the Google My Business to claim and manage the information of their patients.

Further, these health care providers can add several other details about the remote services like tele-medicine that deals with the people during the lock down period and social distancing.

With the verified Google My Business profile, owners and the administrators of the practices are encouraged with the updated current patients and attract potential new patients.

Google’s GMB tips for healthcare providers

  • Manage certain like hours of operations and contact info
  • Engage the patients with the right treatment
  • Add health services offered like house calls, diagnostics, telemedicine, and procedures
  • Upload photo to show the patients what they might see before arriving
  • Control that has access to some aspects like business profile with location groups

Adding services

  • The practices can add the services offered by them in the business profile
  • The service list can be either manually added by the practices or they can seek help from the third party for the work
  • Providers can also choose who to be added from the list of suggested options of services or they can also add the own customer service as well
  • Apart from the name of the service, the providers are also allowed to choose description and price

Engagement with the patients

With the help of Google posts, the patients can keep them updated with the major health events and several other popular services.

Further, they can also assign some role of the off-site manager o they can easily work for managing the GMB profile.

Uploading the photo

With this option, Google recommends adding some educational pictures and diagrams, which will be helpful for people to learn about the types of health services offered.

It helps people to stay home

As it helps the doctors to offer the information as much as possible through the internet, it can help the people to have the services just by staying at home.

This will prevent people to move out to visit the doctors. Again, this is a great way to help with social distancing and make people safe.

Visibility in the search results

Google’s new help document provides some brief details about how the Google My Business profile of these healthcare providers is surfaced in the search results as well.

Also, Google makes note of some factors like distance, relevance, and prominence of the practice itself all determine whether Google My Business profile might appear in the search.

Some information that the sessions of the business profile contain are,

  • Phone number
  • Directions
  • Websites
  • Photos
  • Customer reviews
  • A short summary of the practice

Make use of the document now!

Thus, you might have got some idea of the help that Google has extended concerning the wellness of the people and the medical industry.

It will be more beneficial when you understand it in-depth and analyze more on it. So, make sure you make some research on the document and serve the people with the help of the developing technology.


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