Understand the top 10 E-A-T and have a better SEO

“Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” is shortly called as E-A-T


Expertise: This is something that emphasis on being an expert in all the areas of the website. You may not need to be an expert in sites that deals like humor but in sites related to medical, financial or some legal websites required expertise people to work in them.


Authoritativeness: This emphasis that you need to be the authority for some sites. You may get this from the expertise of your writers or you can also build them on your own. For example, if you have the page that is meant for community or any of the forum discussion, there will be a quality of conversations drives authority.


Trustworthiness: Trust is the most important factor that anyone should have for the main content. This becomes highly true when it is the eCommerce site. On the first page, it is better to implement the SSL certificate on the site at least 70% of the first page will help in building trust.

Some of the most important aspects of E-A-T include,


1. Relate E-A-T with an algorithm

Google will have millions of algorithm collections where are splits to tiny ones and it will work for ranking. These small algorithms will seek help or permission from the signals to perform. This is conceptualized as E-A-T. As E-A-T is not the specific algorithm, Google’s algorithm will look for the signals for both the on and off-site and it correlated with E-A-T.


2. E-A-T score

Till now, there is no concept called as internal E-A-T score or YMYL score. These scores are not only assigned by the Google algorithm but it is done by the quality rates as well. These people will analyze E-A-T in their evaluation and this factor will directly affect the ranking of every single website.


3. E-A-T is not a direct or individual ranking factor

There are so many times the discussion carried out and people say that E-A-T is not necessary for the factor of ranking. However, Google has listed 200 factors that are responsible for enhancing the rank of the website. These factors include the page speed, HTTPS, Keywords, titles tags, to impact the ranking of the page directly. In the case of E-A-T, it is the factor that affects ranking indirectly but it has more importance for ranking.


4. The importance is given to E-A-T by the site owner

E-A-T is the factor that is explicit to the quality guidelines and it depends on the topics and the content present on the page. For example the pictures and the details for the page that emphasis how to learn guitar will be less when compared to the details of the medical treatment.

For companies that deal like happiness, health financial success or wellbeing, E-A-T will play its major role.


5. The focus of E-A-T to the technical aspects

E-A-T is not the factor that will address the performance of SEO directly. Some traditional initiatives like on-page optimization, earning high-quality links, and the technical SEO will be executed for E-A-T as well.

If it is the site that has some negative impacts, it requires the SEO consideration. This further helps in many activities like improving the quality of the site, addressing the user experience, reducing certain technical problems, etc. E-A-T will directly impact the SEO performance of the site.


6. E-A-T is not new

Most people think that E-A-T is some recent initiative by Google but it was first introduced in the year 2014. It conducted some research for E-A-T and around 51% of the website saw the performance in the year 2018 to 2019 with the core updates.

These efforts to reduce the misinformation and surface high-quality content predate that recent updates.


7. Update to officially named ‘Medic’ or ‘E-A-T Update’

After the update on August 1st, it was informally named the “Medic”, it speaks about the core algorithm and this no longer seems to be official. Some also say that the E-A-T update was incorrect but misleading given that it was not the only problem creating a performance.


8. Author biographer is not the factor for ranking

Various factors depend on the successful ranking. Among them, the author's names are also one of the most important factors that have to be given importance.

Even Google emphasis the authors to mention the individual biography to determine the importance of the content as it is the factor to enhance ranking.


9. Impacts of the core algorithm updates

The core updates created a great impact on the YMYL sites and particularly for the health and medical spaces.

There are also so many recipe sites that face a set of SEO challenges beyond E-A-T. There are different reasons for them like architecture issues, poor page loading times, overwhelming adds, etc.


10. E-A-T needs some immediate results

Some SEO tactics will help in optimizing the metadata and with that, it is possible to see some performance increases.

This will also help Google crawl and index the updates. In the case of E-A-T, it will not work in this manner.

he worthiness of the site and the resources intensive will create some significant investments with the efforts.

Final thoughts

The benefits of improving E-A-T extend when more than SEO: E-A-T updates will help in enhancing the user experience and making them more confident with the good trust on the website.

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