The major changes in Zero position/Featured snippet after January core update 2020

It was 2014 when Google introduced the featured snippet, a promoted organic ranking. It is called to as the “ranking #0” or “position Zero”.

The most important benefit with these features is that you get to double-dip, which will usually in the top order like 3 or 4.

The first change announced in this area was on January 22 and this caused a huge impact on the factor of SEO.

  • The January 2020 core update stated that Feature snippets, Rich snippets will  not help anymore as a ranking factor for organic result
  • The SERP will not repeat again within the 10th position if it’s already appeared in the 0th position/featured snippet

Read patiently and google reveals the tiny updates altogether make a huge impact

Intro and It’s meaning for Moz

Initially, it was treated as the Featured Snippets and considered as the stand-along SERP feature.

Later, this reported as the organic one due to the second listing. As per January 25, people began rolling out the data that featured snippets as the position 1 SERP with the featured snippets.

This also continued to be tagged in the SERP Features that reports working on the particular surface with more data. Now, there are lots of changes in this and continue reading to find them.  

Why this Position Zero was considered to be important for marketers? 

It might be any business, but you need to be competitive by delivering the best possible products to the audience to make a good reach.

As the number of searches increases in the mobile search devices, the need for these different means to reach the audience varies. You need to look into some facts like, 

58% of the US customers used voice search for gaining information about the local business 

60% of the searches appear through the mobile devices

All this means that the search engine plays a vital role in marketing. If you try to optimize the zero position, it will be highly beneficial to deliver the first result and the user could see the SERP results. 

Featured snippet

It is the special search result that will usually appear on that top of the Google search results and gives the appropriate information for the people who are searching for the answer.

There are 4 elements in this featured snippet, 

  • Content relevant to the query 
  • Page’s URL
  • Page’s Title 
  • An image from the Google that results for the keyword 

Changes in the Position Zero 

You might have browsed certain things on the Google pages on January 22 and you might find in Position 1.

When you look for the same on the next day, it might not even appear in the top pages. You will see 10 pages in the Google results pages as the result of the organic searches.

Through it is ranked based on the organic results, there is also a debate that duplicating data is ranking reports are been added. This is because the duplicated data is been removed completed the next day.So, there are only 9 results on the page. 

Double snippets 

In some rare cases, Google will also show double featured snippets in a row. However, here also both the snippets will be removed from the traditional organic listing as the number of results will get increased in the Google result pages. 

Right-hand side panels 

Recently, Google introduced the hybrid desktop that will look similar to the Knowledge Panel but this pulls the information that is obtained by the organic results. 

Identify the opportunities in position zero 

As the first step, you need to land position zero by identifying the right opportunities. Not all the search results will help you in achieving this.

So, you need to find the keyword phrase that has featured a snippet of lend well in the featured snippets. You can start this with the keywords that already worked well for the Google ranking. 

Make use of in-depth content 

Content is the king when it comes to the ranking. The best and high-quality will help in winning the SEO with shortcuts. The following will help you more,

  • Longer is good: It is better to have the content with more than 2,000 words 
  • Evergreen: Choosing the trending is good you need to look for the content that will sustain in the market for some time and not the one that change in a few days. 
  • Unpack the topic: Go in-depth and look for the content that will be suitable for meeting the needs of the clients. 

Take care of the good On-Site SEO 

The SEO factor is significant, so you need to care for the on-site SEO. It means,

  • H1-H5 tags: Use the tags more appropriately as it will strike the eyes appropriately and you need to make it well structured for capturing in the eyes of the search engine
  • Alt tags: offer some help with the alt tags when you need to deal with the images 
  • Page titles and Meta descriptions: Focus more on the keywords 
  • Internal links: Make sure you are linking the most relevant content with your contents 

Off-page SEO is also important 

This primarily comes with link building and social media. You need to use the right links and link them appropriately to the content.

When you need to implement them well, you can look for professional assistance. The best content with the right links will also win in the competition. 

“Daily Updates(source: searchenginejournal)

The number one explanation of what happened is that it is one of many updates that happen every week.

This could be a combination of minor changes that together resulted in a change in how search results are displayed. That’s not a core algorithm update.”

The bottom line

Thus, these are the changes in position zero. Position zero is the latest and the greatest word in the world of SEO.

When you need to be in a good place in the digital medium, you need to care and take efforts to win this place.

Make research and try to know more about it and land in the right position among the audience. 


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