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Double Your Traffic With Mobile User & Improve Your SEO Ranking

In the current business world, mobile occupies the huge market. A stat says that there are around 7 billion mobile subscribers. Among them, around 78% of people in the US and Europe are already using mobile broadband. Around 69% of the people in the world are updated to 3G coverage. However, 29% of the rural areas are served. This stat is sufficient to say how important mobile devices in making your site at the top in ranking. Continue reading to know about the top tips to gain more traffic using mobile devices.

Test the mobile usability

Having a mobile-friendly site is very important! It is not only for offering an excellent experience for the users but also to improve your search engine ranking. If you offer the site, where the user needs to scroll right and left or resize every time to read the content or view information, it is too hard to convert the user as your customers. People do not have time and patience to do all these in your site. Moreover, your competitors are offering the best responsive sites to make the task easier.

Make it social

There are certain social media that helps in generation of overall traffic like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Also, it is the fact that people spend most of their time in such social media apps. Updating the social profiles with the relevant keywords mentioning your products or service will be the right option. Also, make sure you have linked your site to social media so that your audience will feel easy to reach you.

Look for some Geo-Targeted Ads

Geo-targeting is the practice where you deliver different content to your site and those contents differ based on the location and mindset of the people in that particular area. These contents are visible only for the people who visit in that particular geographical area. The inherent ability of the mobile will help in tracking the location of the user and this is not possible in case of desktop.

 Make it simple

When there is clear navigation, it is easier for visitors to locate relevant information. You can use the large buttons, keep a short block of text short and also try to include some search box. Our front-load content and link them to lead generation pages. Make use of the “Read More” option so that your customers will be feeling overwhelmed.

Use more call on actions

Generally, content on your mobile requires more scrolling when compared to the desktop. So, when you include several CTAs in your content, it helps you in driving more clicks and that helps in increased conversion.

Do the devices differ?

Mobile: Devices like smartphones that run on the Android, Windows or iOS, will have similar browsers like that appears in the desktop computers. This renders the broadest of HTML 5 specification despite having a smaller screen size.

Tablets: It does not appear in the category of mobile phones and they generally have larger screens and expect to resemble desktop browser.

Multimedia phones: these phones have browsers and they will be able to render pages coded to meet XHTML standard. These will also support HTML5 Markup, JavaScript/ECMAscript but it will not support some of the extensions like APIs in the HTML5 Stand.

Final thoughts

As the usage of mobile continues to be rising, brands need to take a step to adopt the site based on the interest of the people through mobile phones. It is the best option that you might handle if you are aiming to double traffic towards your site. Follow the right strategy and take your business to success!


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