Increase the website speed by understanding PSI Lab data

What is Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights (PSI) is the tool about the performance of the web page on both Desktop and mobile phones and gives the insights to Increase the website speed.

This article will obviously help to improve the SEO performance also by optimizing the website speed.


PSI gives both lab and optimization insights about a webpage/website. Lab information and insights are helpful for optimization execution issues, as it is gathered in the same place.

Field information is valuable for catching genuine, true client experience - however has a progressively restricted arrangement of measurements.

As long as the performance score is good the website performance will be good in both desktop and mobile devices



Performance score

PSI(Page Speed Insights) gives the analysis score which audits the page’s performance. This score is determined by executing Lighthouse to collect and analyze lab data about the page.

The performance score on or above 90 is considered fast, and 50 to 90 is considered moderate. Below 50 is considered to be slow.

Depends on the performance score PSI gives us the 4 complete insights those are

  1. Lab Data
  2. Opportunities
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Passed audits


Lab data to increase the website speed

The name itself we can guess the purpose or what could be the name indicates for as an outcome

Yes, it is the final data where we have to concentrate more in order to improve our website performance in terms of speed.

The lab data consists the data like

  1. First Contentful Paint
  2. First Meaningful Paint
  3. Speed Index
  4. First CPU Idle
  5. Time to Interactive


Digital marketing



This is a very useful section to find what are the chances are for her to optimize the page speed.

For example, you may get the remark if you want to optimize js/CSS/cache

The suggestions appear can help you to load the website faster. The scripts and the coding things avail behind the website will not affect the site speed directly though, those are the major and technical part unlike the huge size images

Find some of the opportunity examples here

1.  Serve images in next-gen formats

This insists us to optimize the images with next-gen formats

The next-gen formats are

  • JPEG 2000
  • WebP




2.  Ensure text remains visible during Webfont load

In this case, the fonts are playing a huge role to be optimized. In simple terms, we will get this error when the fonts are often large files that take a while to load.

Pagespeedinsight font


3.  Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy

When a browser sends requests for a resource, the server will be fetching the appropriate resource and tell the browser how long it should temporarily store or cache the resource.

For any subsequent or associated request for that particular resource, the browser uses its local copy rather than getting it from the network again and again.

Pagespeedinsight cache



4.  Avoid enormous network payloads

Large network payloads are any content whichever available on your website which consumes more mobile data or network data you are having. Most probably the files huge in size does. Moreover, those are highly correlated with long load times.

They also cost users money; for example, users may have to pay for more cellular data. So, reducing the total size of your page's network requests is good for your users' experience on your site and their wallets.

Pagespeedinsight Network payloads


5.  Avoid chaining critical requests

The Critical Request Chain shown below indicates what resources are loaded with a high priority. It is always better to consider minimizing the length of chains, reducing the download size of resources, or deferring the download of unnecessary resources to improve page load

Pagespeedinsight DOM

Critical request chains are are an arrangement of ward organize demands significant for page rendering. The more prominent the length of the chains and the bigger the download sizes, the more noteworthy the effect on page load execution.


Final thoughts

The practice of optimizing the above critical elements makes you strong in terms of technical SEO. Moreover, Relaying with the development team would not happen if you are strong with the above optimization techniques it will take somewhat time though.

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