Know More About Google’s January 2020 Broad Core Update

Yahh the expected happened in a unexpected way at the 1st month of 2020.

It is the Google’s next broad core update named as January Broad Core Update 2020 followed by BERT Update. SEOs should consider it as the update you guys never faced before as I faced the massive fluctuation and It kicked me out of my brain and dragged me to build new content often, the least I can do now. The update consists below things

(Build more relevant content than your competitor which is the core and key mantra of Google will never changes)

Obviously it cover huge 2 matters those are

1. Big broad core update
2. Favicons and black ad label design in the desktop search results.

As it was a global update the race would be huge to get the better position in Google. Google also released a new design for the desktop search results, the favicons and black ad label on Monday as well.

Find the remaining updates and the Insights whatsoever affect you ranking since the release of new update

Insight 1

Core Update

The red mark indicates the sudden traffic drop

1. Google announced that structured data, Rich snippets does not help you rank better, it helps you to increase CTR though.

2. Google rolled again with Froogle which shows the popular products in organic search.

3. Google’s rich results test tool can now see embedded third party resources. Google’s unparsable structured data report has a bug this week.

4. Google is sending out TLS notices via Search Console. Google said cookie banners are fine for search.

5. Google announced that removing tag or search result pages won’t give you a ranking boost hereafter.

Insight 2

Core Update

The red mark indicates the sudden traffic drop

6. Google said good spam reports lead to broad spam action. Google’s new GoogleBot user agent is being see more widely.

7. Google Search might be showing the wrong URL for many sites in the snippets.

8. Google Screened Ads now can show photos.

I will get you back guys with the techniques to perform better against the new Google broad core update 2020 and assure we will rank better, Thank You!!


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