Learn SEO+PPC concept for powerful result

Yup, here again the new digital marketing recipe came for the powerful traffic, excited!

Keep reading and know how to rank higher before your deadline seems impossible but it’s obviously possible.


Even though the nature of SEO and PPC is different the final outcome would be the same. Do you ever think about how It works when SEO and PPC work together?

Fortunately, the result will be great and it tends to be rank higher if you follow the below instructions

Things we need to do with SEO


Do On-Page SEO again

The On-Page SEO is the primary part if you are going to start SEO, which makes Google understand what is your business in terms of Website Title and Meta description. Doing the On-page SEO monthly once will awaken Google often to understand or recognize your business. Stick with the already focused keyword so that the focus over the keyword will increase and the relevancy will get better with the website content.

Henceforth the H1 tag is not a prominent factor for Ranking, there is no need to add the keyword as it is but we have to optimize the H1 with the relevant words for the sake of customer’s understanding.

The first priority goes to both the Relevancy of the keyword associated with the website content so forget about the keyword density. Insert the keyword where it is desperately needed.

Rephrase your website or Landing page content

As Google can identify or recognize only the content, putting more fresh content through the website makes sense in terms of quality website and value giving website. Once we start to put fresh content on a weekly once basis google can read it as and think this is a fresh or new content even, we rephrase the content 50%. Finally, Google used to rank the fresh content website nowadays.

List out the related keywords from google search console

If you are familiar with the google search console it’s quite easy to get the search terms pointing towards your website and working for those keywords is another smart way but adding PPC technique is always an added advantage undoubtedly.

Things we need to do with PPC

Run search campaign

Here before PPC has no connection with SEO except the final landing page. Unlike before Google came up with the technique SEO+PPC concept which indicates PPC can do something good for SEO indeed.

Host a search campaign and get the search terms for at least 10 days. Don’t change anything or don’t optimize until the 10th day ended; the number of days will vary depends on your business model.

Find PPC search keywords and optimize the Landing page

After PPC completed its learning period (10 Days). List out the search terms & exclude the negative keywords from the list so that we can avoid the unwanted traffic to our website. Here we can find the best key phrase combinations. Thereby we can optimize the PPC search terms (keywords) in the landing page as well as add the SEO keywords into the PPC keyword list. Therefore, continuing the said process persistently drive huge traffic to your website in either way (SEO+PPC) because here we combined

  1. PPC search terms and SEO keywords altogether
  2. Optimized the PPC keyword in Landing page and Added SEO keyword into PPC campaign

Increase the quality score

The quality score will be determined by several factors like CTR, Bouncing rate and quality content.

In simple terms, quality score is nothing but how much your campaign is giving the quality of service for your visitors and the Google users. The quality score of a keyword will be determined by the higher CTR, which means as long as you are having good CTR your Quality score will be good for SEO+PPC Concept.

Final thought

You may wonder how PPC search terms trigger the traffics through SEO.

The key mantra of Google is always quality of keyword and the relevant quality content, So It’ possible to increase the quality score of a keywords through PPC and using the quality rich keyword everywhere for SEO aspect(Title, meta description, in content, while doing OFF page SEO) will skyrocket your website ranking drastically.

Do you know this before?

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