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Easy link building search operators for OFF page SEO

Hey, This is Jowin Leo again to assist you with Effective and Easiest way of Link building.

Today I hope this article will help you to understand that link building is no more the hardest game for Digital marketers or SEO analysts, Keep reading and let me know your suggestions and be a hero in Link building.

This is the time to dive into the topic and I am very excited to make you know that so read till the end.

1. What is Link building

Link building is the consistence process to be done in order to rank better in Google.

In simple terms, we have to put our links to the other websites which can satisfy the below 5 conditions.

It's easy to understand what could be it mean by the name itself Link building, yes we have to build links wherever possible but the conditions are the links only come from quality websites interms of below conditions as I said earlier.

The conditions are

  1. Build links from High DA PA sites
  2. The website has Quality content
  3. The website must be Spam free
  4. Build links from Related sites
  5. Use Dofollow sites

Sounds easy? Right but most of the SEO candidates facing difficulties to find the related and quality websites which can fulfill the above conditions. Keep reading will make you to have a clear picture.

2. Difficulties I faced during build links

1.     Finding quality websites

2.     Getting the relevant websites

3.     The website which cannot allow us to post

4.     Websites which cannot allow us to comment

Hereafter I am going to explain some of the steps I followed to overcome the difficulties. Therefore rectifying the difficulties will bring you the fruitful results where we can realize the Importance of Link building.

3. Why Link building is Important

One of Google's founders, Larry Page, rolled out the  Page Rank concept, which Google used to determine the quality of a page depends on the number of links pointing to it.

As Google can understand and recognize only the content we have to build the quality content and we can link it through Anchor text so that google bot and visitors can easily navigate to the next page linking to.

Anchor text is nothing but the text with the embedded link(hyperlinks). Its always better to place our Raw link at least, where some websites don’t allow to place anchor text.

Just pretend the scenario that our websites can flow with more of organic traffic from the links already built from quality websites, thereby doing link building as much as possibly better helps for the ranking. Moreover, the links are the top-ranking factor of Google do far. Shareable links make your website more shareable as well as more readable throughout the internet.

“Website has more links from dofollow sites will rank better”

4. Use Google Search Operators to get link building sites

Google search operators are special commands called “advanced operators” that extend the ability of regular searches. Search operators can be more useful for link building purpose and content research to technical SEO activities. The next topic will cover how to do effective link building using search operators.

Use the search operators to find the quality and relevant websites

5. Use search operators to find the blogs

“Add new comment” + “your keyword here”

“Leave a comment” + “your keyword here”

“Leave a reply” + “your keyword here”

“Post a comment” + “your keyword here”

“your keyword here” “Leave a comment”

“your keyword here” “Comment here”

“your keyword here” “Add comment”

“Powered by WordPress” + “your keyword here”

“your keyword here” “You may use these HTML tags and attributes”

“your keyword here” “Post a comment”

“Notify me of follow-up comments ”

“your keyword here” “Notify me of new posts”

“Comments on this entry:”

“Sign in to comment on this entry.”

“Login or register to post comments”

“You must be registered and logged in to leave comments”

“This blog uses premium CommentLuv”

For example If we want to find the blog which is related to Digital marketing we can use the search operators like below

“Add new comment” + “Digital marketing”

“Leave a comment” + “Digital marketing”

“Digital marketing” “Post a comment”

6. Search operators to find Link roundup sites

link roundup + your keyword

inurl: roundup + your keyword

intitle: roundup + your keyword

your keyword “top updates”

your keyword “link roundups”

your keyword weekly link roundup

your keyword weekly roundup

your keyword best posts of the week

your keyword friday round up

7. Search operators to find Guest Blogging and Contributing to High Authority Sites

[your keywords] “become a contributor”

[your keywords] “contribute to this site”

[your keywords] “submit a guest post”

[your keywords] “submit a blog post”

[your keywords] “submit an article”

[your keywords] “send a guest post”

[your keywords] “write for us”

[your keywords] “become an author”

[your keywords] “guest bloggers wanted”

[your keywords] “contribute to our site”

[your keywords] “become a contributor”

[your keywords] “submit a guest post”

[your keywords] inurl:contributors

[your keywords] inurl:guest-post

[your keywords] inurl:guest*post

[your keywords] inurl:guest-posts

[your keywords] inurl:guest*posts

[your keywords] inurl:guest-blogger

Final Thought

As a matter of fact, Links are dominating the ranking factor as higher than any other factors of Google practicing the better and shareable links will get your website higher in SERP.

As lot of tools available in internet to build links we have to concentrate on that in futere blogs

Let's make this blog pinned and know more techniques, for more details connect me here


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