Google’s New May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Google is so appropriate in updating its algorithm, which gains key attention from some people in digital marketing particularly in the SEO industry.

Officially, the updates are named as the “May 2020 Core Update”. Keeping an eye on these updates on the algorithm is more important to stay alive in the search engine and rank your business to the top. Here is some information about this new update.

Go through further to know how Google is working and how you need to alter to match the fast-growing internet dominated business world.

About the second core updated in 2020

Google has confirmed its second core updated now and the first one was updated in the first month of 2020.

This seems to have a drastic change throughout the world. Though Google is regular in upgrading, there was doubt in the minds of some people because of the pandemic COVID-19.

However, they have answered such a question. The pandemic virus will not stop the journey of Google and its updates.

However, this is necessarily not a bad thing and you will know the reason for it when you continue reading.

Why is core updates much needed?

Broad core updates are designed to produce so noticeable effects in the search results made from all the countries and all the languages. Any site will inevitably notice a steady drop or gain in search ranking when the core updates are rolling out.

The changes in the search ranking rise generally because of some content relevancy. It means, if the content has gained relevance with the last update, it has more chance to move high in the ranking and vice versa.

Then there will be some newly published content, which does not exist at the time of the previous update. All that has to be altered based on the previously existing contents.

Thus, ranking can move around to some small extent. As the first update was during the pandemic period, the second might be potentially volatile.

First core updated after COVID-19

The first update was in the second week of January 2020 (January 2020 Broad Core Update) and that time COVID-19 was hard to anyone’s radar. However, the current situation is upside down.

The entire world has drastically changed when the virus was declared as pandemic and this created a huge impact on the user’s search behavior. Earlier Google stated that there have been so many searches for just one topic as there have been for COVID-19.

This implies that the virus has changed the people’s needs over Google’s search results.

This is true for all the searches like gaining information about the COVID-19 or placing some order for remote things to buy products online. Thus, many things got relevancy that were not much relevant to the searches else before.

Conversely, the categories that were in the peak came down in a short period. For example, searches related to tourism, travel. Live entertainment, etc gone down completely.

In this second update, Google is facing some unique challenges as it has to catch up with some changes in the world. Only this can help the people to find the information easily through Google searches.

Is it a boon for the SEO market?

Positively, if the second update ends up being a potent as it has enough potential, this will be a huge boon for the SEO industry.

Amid the drop in the economic condition, several companies are lying off the staff, and clients are also pausing the services. Services offered by the SEO professionals are more valuable at any time as the algorithm updates occur.

As the update becomes volatile, the services become more valuable. So, without any doubts, the SEO specialists who are seeking for the jobs will be offered jobs as the May 2020 Core Updates rolls out.

Things to do about the May 2020 Core Update

Google’s guidance regarding this update remains similar to all the other core updates given in the past.

Historically, Google has always said there is nothing to fix when the ranking drops after some core updates. Only advice can be given is creating the best content routinely.

So, just focus on the content and it will create a huge impact in the upcoming update. There are also so many interpretations of Google’s advice on how to deal with such an impact on the core updates.

So, have an eye in the related area and make use of the golden opportunity.

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