9 Organic Ways to Attract Free Traffic to Your Website

As a marketer or businessman, the most favorite thing in the world is gaining more customers. Often, you might think of different plans to impress your targeted audience. Even building the website is out of this wish. Do you think it is just enough to build the website? No! Gaining good traffic to it is the next important thing you need to focus on. Are you now wondering about the strategies? Here are some simple and cost-efficient ways to organically boost traffic to your site. Here below I have suggested you some techniques which I knew,
able to attract the traffic organically and make the visitor as a customer

  1. Build social media accounts and engage regularly 
  2. Integrate chat bot
  3. Use Quora and technical forums
  4. Send the well drafted messages to the respective connections in LinkedIn
  5. Put content regularly in blog
  6. Find the guest blogger and Influence marketer to speak about your product/ publish your article 
  7. Send Email campaign in scheduled basis
  8. Start a YouTube channel and make a video 
  9. Publish the video in scheduled basis ans promote the video in social medias 

1. Build social media
accounts and engage regularly

Yes, I can hear your inner voices somebody may think how
would it come, it depends on the post though

But the real aspirant might have had a thought like social media must be the gold treasure which will never lost their reputation amid the internet users as long as internet exists The matter of fact is Your social media followers are really
care about your content as long as you give them the real value with solutions.

Social media users must see and read each post you share. Actually, sharing more than once most likely is a fundamental piece of furnishing your crowd with the worth you guaranteed them. Let’s imagine what would happen if you are continuing to
give them a real value, obviously the follower will become your regular website
visitors without any doubt.

2. Integrate chat bot

In simple terms the use of Chabot is helping or supporting
the website visitors in order to solve their technical problem. Saying simple Hi as like as every other website owner is not
only make us special but the real and quick support. Once we satisfy a customer with a Chabot they will never
have a doubt over our service and business we are doing. Hence engaging with the proper solution through Chabot is
very essential for every business with website.

3. Use Quora and technical forums

In Fact, everyone has a doubt over their business and the
service they are providing for their own customers, so how would they seek and
get the solution for that? The quick answer is answering/QA/Forum site. Hence most of the online business owners are always available
in all kind of internet medium beuse of the unavoidable online business needs. So asking your doubts in the groups where someone is avail
to give you the solution, definitely it will happen. Meanwhile what if you are a solution giver in your domain
for the solution seekers. As long as a customer finds your answers are good enough to
fix their issue they must follow and visit your website automatically, and
share your answers across Internet.

4. Send the well-drafted
messages to the respective connections in LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is now serving as an established platform with great marketing methods.

Also, it is the platform where several common people and the professionals are found in. you can publish a unique and high-quality post.

This will help carry an enormous amount of value and it also ensures the link with the right people to support your business. Make sure all your messages and posts are well-drafted and you are active always on LinkedIn. 

5.  Post content regularly in blogs  

People are always with the recent trends and this emphasizes the needs of being updated. Besides, modern people are looking for certain information in the search engine to gain more knowledge and be updated on what is happening in and around the planet.

In such a case, the hot news of today is the pandemic virus named COVID-19 or corona virus. It is spreading all over the world and causes several deaths and some people are also recovering from it.

There are lots to make research on this virus. So, find the interest factors to post on your pages. 

6. Find the guest bloggers and influence
marketer to speak about the products and publish the articles 

When compared to your words towards your products or services, it will be more effective and reliable when the others or users are speaking about it.

So, you need to look for some guest bloggers and influence some marketers to speak about your product or services. This will help in drawing attention from the targeted audiences.

However, you need to post in such a way to strike in the eyes of the targeted audience. Thus, it becomes one important factor to gain traffic to your site. 

7. Have regular Email
campaign on a scheduled basis 

Today, so many businesses are focused on attracting new customers through the content, but they forget about some traditional means.

In such a list, Email is one of the important options you need to consider for enhancing traffic for your site. As the number of people using smartphones is increased, email is a must for operating smartphones.

Further, it is a professional means of communication. So, you can cover almost all your targeted audience with this email campaign. However, you need to organize the right and customized mail and send it at the right time. 

8. Have a YouTube

Over 2 billion logged-in users, more people are regularly visiting YouTube. This simple fact might convey the importance of the YouTube channel.

You can have your own channel and post some videos regularly on the channels. Make something creative and make some people subscribe to it. This will take responsibility to attract more traffic to your website. 

9. Publish the video on
a scheduled basis and promote the video in social media 

When compared to several other means, the video is one of the most eminent ways to gain more traffic.

When you can create an innovative video that carries appropriate information for the audience, it is enough to gain some traffic to your site. Further, you can take advantage of the most visited platform, social media.

When you follow the right strategy and post in the right social media networks, your audience will indirectly minimize your work by sharing it in their walls. Thus, traffic to your site can be guaranteed

The bottom line 

The post has now made you understand some of the creative ways to gain more traffic to your site.

Of course, if your budget permits, you can also look for some other ways. However, do not fail to include such strategies. Do not wait anymore! Start working now and try to gain more traffic to your site. 


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