The 5 Converting Elements in Landing Page We Must Add

The landing page is a page where your online audience visits your site as soon as he or she clicks the marketing campaign.

These are usually the standalone pages and distinct from the main website, which will be designed for a single and focused goal of conversion.

The audience will click on the social media ad, email link or the YouTube link, and they will end up landing at these pages. A loading page will have three objectives,


  • To collect the necessary information from the visitors and try to convert them to your customers


  • To purchase the product or sign up for the particular service or event that will arrive shortly


  • To introduce some products, service or offers


However, all the objectives will ultimately aim for the conversion. Now, you are successful up to a certain extent when the audience clicks on the ad link.

How can the landing page be optimized further for a better conversion rate? It should incorporate certain important elements to grab the attention and help for more conversion and continue reading to find them.


1. Unique Selling Point

When you are starting the marketing campaign, you need to make sure that the message you deliver is communicative across all the customers.

Know whether you need to work with the product or the service, how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, how you can express the offers and the benefits of the products/service in the landing page, etc.

If you can find the best answer for these questions, you can ensure the rate of conversion.

Your Unique Selling Point becomes the elevating pitch of the business. This area will consist of the 4 parts like,


  • Main heading: This is the first thing that your audience could read. So, it is the most important single line that will justify the need for the entire landing page. So, make it strong and catchy as much as possible.


  • Supporting heading: The supporting heading takes over the remaining work of the heading. Make it simple and rich in information for the upcoming quality content.


  • Reinforcement statement: People might not read the page completely they might skim over the page. So, make sure your reinforcement statement is more engaging.


  • Closing argument: the end of the page should be more effective to stay in the minds of the audience. Conclude with the strong CTA.


2. Present more clearly about the available offers

Offers are the best strategy that will help you to gain the attention of your audience. So, you need to construct some message, which communicates the key points of the offers.

Initially, start with the objectives and get into the value behind the offers and discounts. Make sure your copy is persuasive and steer the audience towards achieving the objective of the campaign.

You can gain support from several other elements like testimonials, customer logos, and images or even with some of the security badges.

Also, make this portion eye-catching with different designs and fonts to distinguish from the other contents in the page.


3. Tell them what they would get

You can explain the product or service in detail.  However, do not make it too wordy as most people do not spare enough time reading lengthy paragraphs.

Give some quality information and let them make a note on your business.


4. Design the eye-catchy contact form

Being the online marketer, “information is wealth”! You need to design the contact form that will help you to get the necessary details from your audience.

This page should be attractive for first-time users and get the most important details.  The bit of information feels less intrusive to the users and this will also allow them to maintain the communication on a long term basis.

Further, you can make some information to be mandatory and some optional. This will make them feel like they have some privacy and furnish the details. Do not ask too many questions as it makes the audience frustrated.


5. Conversion goals

The conversion goal is what you are trying to attain from the purpose of the landing page with the quality content. So, the element of conversion goals becomes significant on the landing page.

You can put forth the conversion goals in the form of the call to action to the visitors. This call to action might be the part of the lead generation form or the stand along with a button that the user will click on the page.

This CTA is highly important when it comes to the rate of conversion. It should be efficient enough to communicate and appropriate to the design of the landing page. So, you can make it strong and innovative.


Design your landing page now!

So, you might have got an idea of the necessary things to be on the landing page. Thus, you can start designing the landing page now!



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