What is malicious redirects and how to solve

What do you mean malicious redirect?

A malicious redirect is code embedded into a site with the purpose of diverting the webpage visitor to another site.

Malicious redirect is ordinarily embedded into a site by a hacker with the aim of creating publicizing impressions to their site.

Undoubtedly malicious redirections can have all the more harming impacts to the original website. So our responsivity is keep an eye often on our website security systems.


Always be conscious about site’s health?

In fact, most site owners unaware about the health side of their website like I did before until I experienced the terrible moment hah!

Because we will have no clue what would we do if someone hacked and inserted the malicious script in the website all of sudden.

As if it happened we can do the manual scan and the automatic scan using some plugins like Wordfence and Malcare.

We have to check each and every line or elements of the website to find the script and we can remove it. Hence have a good knowledge in WordPress at least, we can go for the development team in case of coding stuffs.

Finding and Remove Malicious scripts

Before you make changes to your site records or database, we prescribe backing up all site documents in a protected spot, particularly on the off chance that you are new to the inward activities of your substance the executives framework (CMS).

A malicious redirection can be embedded anyplace on your site. It may be in your site documents or even in your database, plugins.

Here are a portion of the malicious redirection frequently identified by our sweeps and a few guidelines on the best way to evacuate them.

1.      Check all the Pages and posts

2.      Check the plugins

3.      Check the .htaccess file

4.      Check the database

5.      Update your word press theme


Check all the Pages and posts

In some files/pages/posts, you will need to download the file, edit it and then re-upload the same.

You need to be careful at this step. Ensure the code is actually malicious before you delete it. If you remove code that is legitimately used in plugins or themes, you could break your website as well as the SEO efforts.

Check the plugins and themes

Its always better to have a check before you install any plugin whether it is harmful or not.

We should update plugins for the better security reason.

Again I am insisting you to delete any unwanted or suspicious plugins you have. you also need to delete any unused themes.

In fact, the more you have on your site, the easier way for the hacker to breach or enter into your website.

Do not use the pirated or cracked versions of themes and plugins, delete them immediately. Hackers insert malicious code into the pirated software they make available to you.


Check the .htaccess file

Most of the hackers used to hack the .htaccess file for the conditional redirection.

Which seems the page could be redirected when we access from the browsers determined or devices determined.

Sometime Google search shows this site may be hacked, this is because hacker hacked the website or have made some changes in existing pages on the site.

So if you encountered any redirection issue kindly Manually check your .htaccess file first.


Check the database

In case your website has been injected with malware, you'll need to remove the malicious scripts from the data base.

If the attackers created new pages with malicious code, you can remove them from Search Engine Results altogether by going to Google 's Search Engine Console and using the Remove URLs Feature.



Update your word press theme and plugins

Some versions of WordPress will battle with your outdated issues or plugins. Like themes and plugins, do no longer hesitate to click the Update button for patches, .

With main updates, you'll need to make certain that your current plugins and themes are compatible.


Final thought

Monitoring websites often integrate SSL certificates with higher security level passwords are the certain things we have to follow in order to secure any website.

Be update with the WordPress associated themes and plugin and make your website updated.Digital marketingDigital marketingDigital marketing

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